The Muffs - Blonder And Blonder - CD or Vinyl

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The Muffs’ Sophomore Release Gets Bigger And Better!

The Muffs’ debut hit the scene in 1993, and was an instant smash. Any fear that they could follow it up successfully was answered when Blonder And Blonder arrived two years later.

Now a three piece, The Muffs again teamed up with producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Paramore, Fleetwood Mac) and delivered 14 even better Kim Shattuck penned powerhouses, including the hit single “Sad Tomorrow.” Bassist Ronnie Barnett and new drummer Roy McDonald propelled Shattuck’s material to even greater heights, and Blonder became the band’s biggest selling album.

Omnivore Recordings is proud to present this ’90s milestone on CD with 7 bonus tracks (2 U.K. B-sides, and 5 previously unissued Shattuck demos) and on LP for the first time in over two decades.

Like 2015’s reissue of The Muffs, the full-color packaging includes photos, drawings, memorabilia, and essays from Barnett and McDonald, as well as track-by-track commentary from Shattuck.

21 years later, Blonder And Blonder still sounds as vital and visceral as it did upon its original release. Face it, you’re dye-ing to have this record in your collection.

Track Listing: 

1. Agony

2. Oh Nina

3. On And On

4. Sad Tomorrow

5. What You’ve Done

6. Red Eyed Troll

7. End It All

8. Laying On A Bed Of Roses

9. I Need A Face

10. Won’t Come Out To Play

11. Funny Face

12. Ethyl My Love

13. I’m Confused

14. Just A Game


15. Goodnight Now

16. Become Undone


17. Born Today (Demo)*

18. Look At Me (Demo)*

19. Pennywhore (Demo)*

20. Red Eyed Troll (Demo)*

21. Won’t Come Out To Play (Demo)*


*Previously Unissued

LP consists of Tracks 1 - 14

Due to licensing restrictions, LP does not include download card